Shared Medical Appointments: Endocrinology

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If you're an established diabetes patient, this alternative approach to traditional one-on-one office appointments may be right for you!

Similar to a support group, shared medical appointments are group visits that combine one-on-one time with a clinician with group interaction. Upon arrival, patients have their vitals checked and then join five other patients for an education session led by LHP's certified diabetes educator. After the education session, a nurse practitioner conducts the office portion of the appointment with each patient while still in the group setting - so patients can learn from each other's interaction with the nurse practitioner.

  • Patient criteria: established type 1 and 2 patients; no new or second-visit patients
  • Number of patients: No more than six per session
  • Length of appointment: 90 minutes
  • Cost: Billed as regular office visit

Shared appointments include:

  • Vitals signs check and weigh-in
  • Discussions about medical conditions, medications, treatment options and test results
  • Prescription changes and/or refills, as needed
  • Test and procedure orders, as needed

Benefits of shared appointments include:

  • Extended time with a clinician
  • Decreased wait time for appointments
  • Interaction with peers; encouragement and support
  • Opportunity to get questions answered
  • Reinforcement of diabetes education
  • Instant availability of educational resources
  • Relaxed setting

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